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Is consultancy organization specialized in Metal Buildings , Kemetals was newly established on 2018, however the founder team of civil engineers have a dedicated experience of up to 25 years in the Metal Buildings Industry, during this long period kemetals team were involved in the industry core process with major metal buildings manufacturers who supplied buildings Worldwide, The spot supply was Mainly Africa, Middle East & Far East, however we were involved in the supply of metal buildings to European and South American countries as well.
Kemet metal Solutions is the name of our organization and from which the trade name Kemetals was derived from.

Kemet was the land on which one of the most earlier ancient civilization of human beings ever exists, as a civil engineers we believe that all human civilization are the legacy all human kind.

Ancient civil engineers of Kemet inspired us by their precise calculations and accuracy and dedication & sincere to their work.
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Kemet is the ancient name of Egypt

More About Kemet

Ancient civil engineers of Kemet left the human kind a legacy of Unique Structures architectural which are the subject of study and investigation of many researchers & scholars from allover the world, We are proud to host here in our About page a sample photos of those ancient structures which offcoarse were not Metal Buildings but they were the seed of Theory Of Structures which is the backbone science of all buildings that human have ever built.
Tut Amoon

Tut Amoon

Apart from Kemet buildings which inspired us as civil engineers, ancient people of Kemet were the masters of one other thing that is not really related to civil engineering which was Carving statues and what inspired us about that is the precision which we took as a title for our work.


The Specialized consultations that we can provide covers almost all activities related to metal buildings industry including :-

  • Buildings Structural Design Review & Verification according to major international American & European codes and many others.
  • Buildings Services Consultations including Drainage & Water Leakage Prevention, Thermal and Acoustic Insulation systems & Ventilation systems.
  • Generation Of Metal Buildings Structural Models and Finite Elements Simulations using Major world wide recognized software
  • Specialized state of art Metal Buildings Software Development.
  • Expert Consultations For Material Inventory management and Material Specifications according to worldwide recognized codes.
  • Consultation for Development of New Products & New Systems and Expert advisors for PEB Engineering Standardization for Metal Buildings Suppliers.
  • Expert advisors for preparing Engineering Manuals & Guides for Metal Buildings Suppliers.
  • Advisors & Technical Supports for Laboratory Full Scale Tests & Research Projects.
  • Consultants For Steel Fabrication Machinery & Production Lines setup.
  • Welding Design, procedures and inspection.
  • Consultations For Site Inspection and Safety Method Statement.